6,7,11, 18, 77, 79, 80, 85

6. Dated someone twice - I believe I have when I was in High School, but I can’t remember exactly who it was. 

7. Been cheated on - I have once when I dated this girl my freshman year of high school and I almost dated her twice.  She’s definitely not the answer to that first question.

11. Been drunk and threw up - I have never been drunk actually.  I didn’t even have a drink on my 21st birthday.  I’m not some sort of prude ass, just didn’t get a chance.  I still want to know what I am like drunk kinda.

18. Met someone who changed you - I have and he has changed me for the better.  i feel more confident in myself a bit and it makes me all the happier. 

77. Drank hard liquor - Not really no. Like I said I have never been drunk nor do I really drink that much. 

79. Had sex - mayyyyyyyyyyyyybbbeeeeeee… yes. 

80. Broken someone’s heart - I guess.  I feel like a self centered ass with this question because it’s like I’m saying I am such an amazing guy so I am always breaking hearts because when people date me they fall in love with me constantly.  I have probably had my heart broken more times than the other way around. 

85. Fallen for a friend - 8th grade. Dated for a year. 

You are so freaking cute man. Just wanted you to know.

Well thank you :) lol


Skyrim perks art.

Video Game Meme / Seven Games [7/7] → Mass Effect 1



Okay, let's go find some trouble.



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